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Hello my name is Aisling I am the founder of TrésorParisien. I Launched TrésorParisien just over 12 months ago and although I have been a little shy up until now, I thought it was about time to introduce myself and share the story behind TrésorParisien with you. Readers often ask me, ‘how did I come up with the idea of TrésorParisien, what is TrésorParisien about, what does Trésor mean, who writes the articles and takes the photos, and who is behind the site’? So today I thought I would shed light on some of your curiosities and share my story…

When I first moved to Paris I was captivated and inspired by the city and I completely fell for its magic and special charm. Along with the exciting opportunity to live in the city of my dreams, I also faced the challenge of adapting to Parisian life; where to go, what to do and of course how do dress like a Parisian. I needed inspiration. Looking around I couldn’t find anything online that spoke directly to me so I bought a bike, a camera and came up with the idea of creating a place online where I could share my discoveries, experiences and inspirations in Paris.


TrésorParisien is my story of discovery, of Parisien style, of what’s happening and where to go in Paris. It’s less about the obvious splendours and more about unveiling the truly unique and often hidden gems/details (or trésors meaning treasure in French). It’s a guide but not in the traditional sense, it’s more like a signpost directing you to some of the unique and original places in Paris.

From the classical cafés of St Germain, to inspiring street style or a cosy little bistro, I take my readers on a journey of discovery through Paris. I write all the content mostly from my apartment in Paris and nearby cafés that have become like my office in Paris. I am not a photographer but it’s a passion that came about when I moved to Paris. I capture all the photos that you see on the site with a Leica camera.


It’s been a great adventure so far and I have met and collaborated with some great people along the way, like the lovely Carin who captured these photos of me in one of my favorite places in Paris, ‘Le Jardin du Palais Royal’.

I hope you now have a better idea of the story and the person behind the scenes. I look forward to sharing with you more of my inspirations and discoveries from Paris. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me editor@tresorparisien.com. You can follow me on my discovery of Paris here and I keep you updated with all things Parisien here.

Aisling x


  1. It’s so lovely to meet you. I have been a big fan of the blog from the start, and it’s lovely to see the person behind it. Love the photos x

  2. Le Jardin du Palais Royal is one of my favourite places, too. It always makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland for some reason.
    I think you do a wonderful job of capturing Paris “dans tous ses états”. TP really is the chic and unique guide to the chic and unique 🙂

  3. So lovely to see you looking so well Aisling! I love these photos of you 🙂 The site is really fabulous and has some lovely ideas of what can be discovered in the city. I miss going now E is not there so must visit again soon! In the meantime, take care of yourself and keep up the good work here. H xxx

    • Helen,

      It’s so lovely to hear from you and thank you for the kind comments. I was a little bit nervous about putting myself out there but I said lets just go for it! Do drop me a line if you are in Paris and we can meet for a coffee. A x

  4. Aisling, what a lovely post. The images of you in the Palais Royal are stunning. You have created a wonderful treasure allowing your readers to understand, explore and enjoy Paris. Bravo!

  5. You are only begining to come alive now! It takes time,but your confidence will grow and grow! Its lovely to see your photos and meet with the person behind the seens.Well done !and keep up the fabulous interest and sharing it with all of us who cannot rendevous around Paris all the time!

  6. Ais,
    You have certainly found your forte. The site is truly fabulous, professional and informative. Your flair and creative ability is most prominent in the content and the rewards for you are just around the corner. So keep up with the good work. Can’t wait to see the future development of the site!
    Best wishes for 2014.

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