Lorna Simpson Expo at the Jeu de Paume

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Just off Place de La Concorde (Les Jardin Tuilleries), in the bright airy space of gallery ‘Le Jeu de Paume’, the artist from Brooklyn Lorna Simpson is presenting her first large scale European exhibition. It’s a wonderful exhibit and if you are a photography fan, it’s one not to miss this Summer. Unlike other photographic exhibits that explore beauty, subjects, places, and light perhaps. Lorna uses her camera as a catalyst to challenge some of the conventional views of gender, identity, and culture through history.

The exhibit offers a really different view on things and most notably for me in room four where the artist plays with the concept of identity and Hollywood Glamour. In this room a striking collage of black & white vintage photo booth photos decorate the walls. The photos were in fact taken in 1957 by a couple who perhaps had dreams of gaining movie work in Hollywood.

An avid collector of vintage photos herself, Simpson first came across one of the couple’s original photos on sale on ebay. Over the years she bought the whole album, which included 150 photographs.  If you look closely you can see that Simpson re-enacated some of the scenes of the original photos, naming the project ‘remind me of who I am’.

It’s captivating, thought provoking and well worth a visit.

Lorna Simpson, 28 May-1 September 2013, Jeu de Paume, Place de La Concorde.

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