Rose Bakery at Le Bon Marché

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Difficult to resist the irresistible and easy to spend a morning eating your way through the new Rose Bakery Tea Room in St Germain. And that is exactly what I did this week with my partner in sweet Parisian crimes, the lovely Carin from paris in four months. I was really taken by surprise to discover a sign for Rose Bakery on the second floor of Le Bon Marché a few weeks back.

Really, Rose Bakery here in le bon marché?  It took me a few minutes to get my head around it. As in my mind Rose Bakery was something distinctly of Le Marais and Dover Street market in London. Now to have it on our doorstep and inside Le Bon Marché, what a delightful treat!

Perhaps it’s an ode to my London days but for me I love the idea of bringing the old British tradition of afternoon tea to a bright, light filled corner of an old classic Parisian store. St Germain is beaming with wonderful classical and contemporary bistros and cafés. However, on a day where you are in need of getting away from the hustle and bustle of Paris street life and in search of a good old afternoon tea pause, this spot is the perfect get away. Nice teas, juices, smoothies, salads, mouth watering cakes and tarts. It whips up all the things we crave at any time of the day. Everything is fresh and how it should be.

Some of the other defining details I particularly appreciate about the Rose (Bakery); the light airy space and chic décor. The white and gold déco lamps. The white paper place mats, that I have been found to scribble a note or two on. The pots of honey, ‘perfect day’ and ‘good morning tea’, books and patisseries on display. And of course the very nice service and the general good vibe here.

So, if you happen to go down to Le bon Marché today you are in for a nice surprise…

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You can click on the LBB below to save the address or visit the Le Bon Marché online.












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