Bistro Chic: Terroir Parisien

Bite into the flavour of the Latin Quarter

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The fifth arrondissement also known as the Latin Quarter of Paris, has a certain kind of intellectual aura about it. Perhaps it’s the old universities, institutions and establishments dating back years and the general sense of days gone by where local folk spoke latin, that lends itself to this. It’s an obvious favourite amongst writers and academics and has a reputation for it’s lively atmosphere and buzzing little bistros. You just have to walk by La Sorbonne University and up towards Le Pantheon to  soak up the atmosphere and get a real view of the great history here.

But what about the latin quarter of today, what symbolises it and how do we directly experience it?  One way of course is to flavour it! And what better way to experience the Parisian latin vibe than biting straight into it…

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Terroir Parisien, the recently opened bistro by Michelin star chef Yannick Alléno (of Le Meurice Hotel) takes old forgotten Parisian recipes from days gone by and brings them back to life in this chic, up to date, airy bistro on rue Saint Victor. Yannick’s menu and concept consists of creating a menu of dishes made almost entirely with local and regional produce, hence the name Terroir (meaning local). Dishes are deliciously classical, made with fresh, simple and local ingredients and are sensationally seasonal. The infamous tête de veau, roasted sea scallops on Paris mushroom with celerisotto or duck foie gras baked pie and black pudding sauce are to mention just a few mouth-waters. The desserts are old-fashioned but a delightful light finish.

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As it’s name depicts, this place is down to earth. The décor is subtle, service is great, and prices are  fair. Fresh vegetables are on display. An open view into the kitchen, and an oak bar to serve small tasty tapas, wine and charcuterie plateau upfront. A bright, airy open space complimented with dark earthy tones make Terror Parisien a refreshing addition to our list of bistros. A real flavour of an up to date Paris bistro and a flavour of the 5th that you can really bite into!


– You can click on the box above to go straight to the TerroirParisien website

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