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Valentine’s day in the city of looove! And while it’s easy to get carried away with the romantic cosy bistros, dozens of red roses, gourmet chocolates and living up to the very fancy romance. Why not be inspired by the simplicity of a kiss? As Ingrid Berman once said…

‘A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous’


And what better city for a secret smooch? After all, it is Paris and the french kiss was invented here. On that note, and drawing inspiration from the adorable little book, ‘the best places to kiss in Paris’ and (a musical dose of Prince’s kiss) here are five favourite secret smooching places for finding those romantic kissable moments in Paris.

So whether you find yourself re-enacting scenes of old movies, tying locks with love messages onto bridges, delighting your lips with chocolates or a coup de champagne at Hotel Amour…here’s to finding the romantic moments and to the kiss.

1. Sculpt and discover the kisses of Auguste Rodin at the Museé Rodin in the 7th

Straight to the subject, statues evoke the perfect kiss in the garden of the Rodin.  Walk around this hidden garden and be inspired by  the great lovers of Romeo & Juliet, and Paola & Francesca.

2. A kiss under Paris’ lovers’ bridge

The bridges of Paris are the perfect spot for romantic views and moments. Legend has it that if you make a wish and kiss under Pont Marie, it will be granted.

3. A carrousel kiss in the Tuileries

For young and old alike. As the chilly winter sets and at dusk in the Jardins Tuileries, the old fashioned carrousel will take you to dizzy romantic heights. A must kiss stop.

4. A black and white old movie kiss by the old locks of the canals of St Martin

Time stops for a kiss on the old green iconic bridge by Quai de Jemmapes. Followed by a romantic lunch at Hotel du Nord. Here’s looking at you kid!

5. Hotel L’amour in the 9e

A kiss and a coup de champagne at Hotel L’amour, need we say amour?


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 – words & graphics by Aisling


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