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Recently, I met with the talented designer Sharon Wauchob in her Paris studio in Le Marais to chat about the inspiration behind her Spring 2013 collection, Parisian style, life in Paris and how she creates beautiful unique feminine pieces. Irish origin, a ‘Central St Martin’s’ London graduate, Sharon has a wonderful approach and sensibility to contemporary fashion design. I am thrilled to introduce you to her and to give you some insights into her Spring 2013 collection here on TrésorParisien…

SW Dress 2 (1 of 1)

What inspires your work?

I am passionate about exploring different aspects of femininity and what that means in terms of fashion. I have always been interested in examining what makes women want fashion and what fashion is to women? Every season I try to find a new way to explore it. However, the collections themselves are very different.

What was your inspiration behind the Spring 2013 collection?

I was looking at masculinity and feminity. I looked at mens’ tie prints from the 1960s for inspiration. I wanted to bring that into a feminine world.  I liked the idea of mixing geometrics with flower and revisiting techniques I have used in previous collections.

For this collection we  printed geometric masculine prints on soft silk almost couture like fabrics. We used enlarged flower prints to balance the feminity and masculinity.

Sharon Top (1 of 1)

Sharon Dress (1 of 1)

Do you have any codes or signature silhouettes within your designs ?

I think it’s good to have a sense of mystery in the clothes. I think women like to have a bit of mystery and there will always be a few hidden details in the designs. It gives a unique aspect. As a female designer, it’s natural for me to think about the fit when I am designing the pieces. I work with a team of girls  – who are real girls. We always try the clothes on in the studio ourselves. I will always ask the question; would I wear this myself? And that’s a pretty good end point.

Does living in Paris and working in La Marais influence your work?

Technically yes. I think designers are effected mostly by the technical part and how they can carry out their vision depending on where they are located. I think if I was based in Italy it would be different. I would be probably be using more leather for example.

In France there is great know-how on lace and soft fabrics – it really is amazing. And that is something that we have been really able to tap into here in Paris. We are interested in how we can use this in a modern way. I am sure being in Paris effects the design but these days we try to keep an international aspect. I travel a lot and I try not to get too focused on one location.

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Do you look to any other countries for inspiration?

London has a very distinct style and maybe I miss that, as it does bring another attitude and style. I think the London style is great in many regards and very different from here and America.

Who is the Sharon Wauchob girl?

The Sharon Wauchob girl is quite international and I try to keep that in mind when I am designing. She appreciates luxury and knows quality.  She appreciates fashion not just for trends but seeks out unique details. She likes to wear luxury items but is looking for something different. When I say different, I don’t mean bizarre or unconventional. I mean that there is a sense of mystery about it. The fact that it hasn’t been photographed for three months – gives it a little more exclusivity. For me, that shows a bit of independence through the choice of what you are wearing.

Sharon Studio 2 (1 of 1)

Sharon Studio (1 of 1)

How would you describe your own sense of style?

To be honest, I don’t give this too much thought. I am focused on creating a look beyond my own personal look through my designs. I think my personal sense of style becomes accidental and determined by the practicalities of my lifestyle.

However, luxury is important to me when wearing clothes. I want to feel comfortable without making a statement or feeling self-conscious.  For me it’s finding that luxury but also something unique. I like to wear beautiful pieces but I want to be able to wear them with trainers or a flat – sandal. So for me, it’s about examining how practical and how reachable luxury can be in terms of lifestyle.

What do you love about living in Paris?

Practicality rules. I love the galleries around La Marais. I love going to the Marché aux Puces at Clignancourt.


You will find the Sharon Wauchob Spring Collection at Le Bon Marché in Paris and online here at L’Eclaireur


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