The Paris Insider: Stylist, Lauren Kennedy Malpas

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Over a coffee at 10 Belles last week, I caught up with the stylish, art director and stylist Lauren Kennedy Malpas. Lauren shares with us her thoughts on living in Paris, her favourite addresses and gets into the groove of her personal sense of style…

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

I guess I have never grown out of my love for playing dress-up. And all the women in my family have kept everything to hand down to the next generation, from 60`s Pucci mini-dresses to 70`s Jo Bond flairs, so playing dress-ups at home was always a pretty glamorous game.  I joke that I better have a daughter so I can pass all of these pieces on too! Then the unexpected cherry on the cake is my wonderful closet fashionisto Father whose passion is scouting vintage designer pieces on Ebay. It is no secret my family plays a big part in my love for fashion and my sense of style.

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Where do you look for style inspiration?

This city is buzzing with inspiration, whether my wardrobe is sidetracked by a pair of pastel pink flairs I’ve found at the Saturday trip to the flea market, by a cool Korean tourist or by an impeccably dressed Madame – it’s hard to walk down the street and not be inspired.

Where do you hunt for style?

My favourite place to find things is in my Mum/Aunty/Nanna’s wardrobe and at the flea markets. I’m not a fan of shops, bright lights and zero ventilation. And as Groove Armada said, ‘if everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other’. Although, if I did have to choose a shop it would be L’Eclaireur, it brings the experience of shopping to a whole new level – if only I could afford it!

What are some of your treasured pieces?

I am hopelessly attached to my belongings, and I can never single pieces out.  However, right now you won’t see me without my gold mesh Stuart Weitzman sneakers.

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What do you love about living in Paris?

So far, Paris has been a 5 year roller coaster of a journey. At this moment, it is about the Sunday food markets, being in love, having wonderful friends and a job, amazing bread and homemade fig jam, and when the city gets too much, hopping on trains and skipping to the countryside. Mostly though, Paris is the feeling of being at home.


A warm thanks to Lauren Kennedy Malpas, from `The House That Jack Built` for taking time out. Interview & words by Aisling of TrésorParisien, assistant photographer Sally Nadeau of TrésorParisien.

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