The Vintage Insider: Gabrielle Geppert

Filled with a bright airy light, a stunning collection of handpicked vintage pieces and a selection of her own designs, Gabrielle Geppert’s newly designed boutique under the arches of the Jardin du Palais Royal is the very embodiment of the designer herself; insolite, unique and true to herself. Inside you will find a wonderful world of old meets new. In a very natural spontaneous way, Gabrielle has carefully curated a selection of vintage pieces alongside her own designs –  a unique combination that defines a new level in vintage luxury.

TrésorParisien spent a wonderful morning with Gabrielle Geppert to find out that she was born vintage, as well as lessons on her own style and life and work in Paris! We discovered that behind the doors of Gabrielle Geppert you will find a lady, who is extremely passionate, unique, and contagiously electric! Always un bon souvenir chez GG!

TP: What is the inspiration behind Gabrielle Geppert?

GG: I am driven by an internal passion. When you find your passion in life, you have energy and confidence in your ideas. C’est plaisir! I have a vision of luxury that is based on intuition, it’s spontaneous and natural. I want to create an experience for my clients, something very personal – so they walk away with a great memory!  My boutique is open for them and I am here for my clients to understand their style and their lives.

TP: Do you have a philosophy in life?

GG: Je me lance! Walk with your arms open to life so that you are ready for life’s adventures. Everything is to discover…

TP: What would be your advice when buying vintage?

When you are buying vintage, the first thing is that you must be attentive to your desires while remaining vigilant to the authenticity and the origin of the product. You must not get carried away with something you won’t wear. When you buy a vintage product it must be above all something that you fall in love with.

TP: How would you describe your own personal style?

GG: My own personal style is knowing how to assemble objects and clothing of the past, which have a certain historical reference with the elements of today. I am always on the look out for events and trends of the fashion houses. This allows me to have freedom of movement with my vintage pieces. I have been wearing vintage since I was born (wearing my sister’s clothes at the time). I was born vintage!

My icons are  Gabrielle CHANEL, Elsa SCHIAPARELLI,  Karl LAGERFELD and Christobal BALENCIAGA.

TP: What is your most treasured possession?

GG: My experience with vintage, seeing clothes and objects from different eras in all their splendour, their beauty and rarity. This remains the most precious to me. However, I remain open to anything that happens around me.

TP: You have a wonderful eye for spotting beauty in the small details?

I am very fond of birds and the little things in life: flowers, trees – the inspirations I find here in the Jardin du Palais Royal!

TP: There is a wonderful sense of atmosphere here in your boutique, how do you achieve that?

GG: Atmosphere is everything to me. The location, lighting, and perfume !  For me music is very important, it accompanies me in all my moods, my motivation and creates a certain feeling around me.

TP: A favourite song?

GG: To find a specific music… that is difficult because it depends on how I feel in the moment. However, I am a big fan of jazz and classical music.

TP: Your ideal Parisian morning?

GG: On a Sunday morning you will find me on tour of the Parisien gardens. Starting with the beautiful views of le Jardin Tuileries. I then walk along the Seine towards St Germain. When I cross the seine – I am on holiday! I love to stop at a café in St Germain and read the paper. I then like to take in the beautiful flowers and trees in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Magnifique!

TP: How would you define Parisian style?

GG: Eclectic, everything is here in Paris!

TP: Your favourite place in Paris?

GG:Obviously the garden of the Palais Royal which I love for its mysterious side and all its wonders at the same time. I feel like Alice in Wonderland there!

Here are a selection of Gabrielle Geppert’s vintage pieces that she has especially styled and edited with the TP reader in mind!


Shades of Summer Sea and Chanel Blue


Vintage Chloé with shades of the 70s



A touch of Chanel






Gabrielle Geppert Designs & Vintage Luxe 
31 Galerie de Montpensier  75001 Paris



A warm thanks to Gabrielle Geppert. Interview, photography and words by Aisling of TrésorParisien chez Gabrielle Geppert, November 2012.



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