Expo Review: Chloé at the Palais de Tokyo

TrésorParisien recently took a thematic guide of the Chloé Attitudes Expo at the Palais de Tokyo here in Paris. The expo marked the celebration of Chloé’s 60th birthday and revealed some surprising themes, playful scenes, stunning photography and the dynamic personalities behind the Chloé brand. We found inspiration from the extraordinary story of Gaby Aghion, visionary founder of Chloé, the play of artistic and cultural references, particularly art deco, and how Parisian society and culture influenced the early days of Chloé. Here we showcase this fascinating story  through some stunning vintage visuals borrowed from the Chloé archive.



“Gaby Aghion, was of Egyptian origin, well travelled and she became aware of the world” 

“She had the touch of exotic mixed with a European sensibility” 

(Anne Marine Gassot, Chloé)


Leaving the rose tinted sands of Egypt behind her, Gaby arrived in Paris in 1945. She came from an aristocratic background and admired the elegance of the French. From her time visiting the fashion houses in Paris, she gathered an understanding of French couture and fashion. Around the same time, a new bohemian intellectual movement was emerging from the ‘Quartier Latin’ in St Germain. As Gaby was a literary girl she embraced this movement by attending philosophy lectures at La Sorbonne.  By surrounding herself with artists, musicians, and writers in the cafés of St Germain, she was at the heart of this new leftist movement.

A new Parisian Style

Gaby’s vision for Chloé stemmed from the changes in culture and society she could see around her. She observed and found inspirations from the youthful beatnik street fashions of the left-bank students. It was here, influenced by the mood of the St Germain café culture society, she could see a space for a new style. A style that broke free from the stiff 1950s collections and embraced the new mood in Paris. Through her simple, joyful designs she shaped this new contemporary style.

A Literal Way

Gaby approached her work with originality and intellect, choosing the name Chloé for its roundness in letters. She staged her first show at the Café de Flore in St Germain – a novel approach for this time. This visual takes us back to Brasserie Lipp (1950s) in St Germain where the press were invited to view the show over coffee and croissants, bringing her early original vision to life.  A vision for an elegant timeless style, with movement and joyous independence in mind.

Cool Attitudes & Collaborations

Gaby’s vision continued to evolve and develop. She collaborated with young dynamic designers such as Karl Lagerfeld. This above visual represents Karl Lagerfeld’s play on popular culture and passion for art deco. Cool was an attitude that arrived to Paris through music with the alternative American culture that the American musicians brought with them. The same musicians that had inspired Gaby in the cafés and Jazz clubs on the left bank. The dress in this visual is one of the celebrated iconic pieces from the Chloé archive.

Chloé Today

The Chloé spirit continues to evolve, radiating the early codes and spirit of the Chloé story. Clothes designed with lightness, elegance, simplicity, and movement in mind. A style to suit the contemporary Parisian girl of the 1950s and the Parisian girl of today.

YouTube Preview Image


To view more about the fascinating story of Chloé you can take a digital guide through the Chloé Alphabet here
Images courtesy of the Chloé archive. A warm thanks to Anne-Marine Gassot and to Chloé for providing the archive images. 





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