I love Autumn

After the August slumber, Paris is bronzed, re-energized. The tempo is enthusiastic and upbeat. A myriad of colours, (amber, cognac, gold) illuminates the city. September in Paris starts on a flamboyant note. Vive la rentreé!

In style terms, Autumn brings a darker shade.  Emmanuel Alt’s vision in this month’s Vogue is l’automne sera noir (Autumn will be back). And when you look to the darker shades of Paris, Noir is a dominant  colour in la vie Parisienne.

Noir: is a dark passion for creamy espresso and bitter sweet chocolat noir

Noir: is rock ‘n’ roll aromatic, and sensual

Noir: is slimming, safe but dangerous

Noir: is a black leather jacket, a Chanel bag, or a little black dress 

Let’s look closer at the little black dress for instance. Wearing one can convey an air of mystery, sophistication and elegance. A concept deriving from the coco Chanel years – it’s seen as simple, minimal, classic, sexy and essentially Parisien. As the season turns, there is a darker shade in the air but strengthened by the ambient colours and hazy sunlight brought by this late indian summer.

(Kurt Hutton 2010)

On this note the story of discovery continues on TresorParisien. Chic with a twist sets the tone and a slight revisit in the point of view. This autumn, turning over a gold leaf, we get inside la vie Parisienne to uncover the essence of Parisien style in the every day. Sharing with you, unique styles and lifestyle tips from some of Paris’ style makers and shakers. This month, bookmark TP as your visual guide to the city’s hidden gems!

Also, thank you to Nicolas Onchenir Calligraphies for the Autumn Feature – the perfect Autumn colours to kick start the season.

Aisling,  September 2012











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