Paris Street Style: Vintage Style

What I love about Parisien Style is how Parisiens elegantly mix the classical with the contemporary. You can see this everywhere: boutiques, museums, restaurants, and sometimes (in this case) while having a coffee and cake at Rose Bakery, ‘La Marais’.

I just love Lauren’s look, it’s so personal and unique with a perfect mix of colours. A great example of mixing vintage and contemporary pieces to create a super stylish ensemble characteristic of Paris.

The star piece for me is the jaune cardigan, it makes the outfit. The colour and length create a super silhouette, it strikes a pose. Tell me, where on earth can you get a cardigan like this?

The cardigan, of course, is vintage. The jewellery and blouse are too. I understand now why vintage carries an air of exclusivity. It’s unavailable.

I spot a super wedge. The wedges, which are the perfect colour, height, width, and style, are a non-label from Singapore and completely balance the outfit. I also love the idea of mixing in heirloom pieces whether it’s jewellery or a special piece of clothing. Something that still works great today, it gives a personal touch. The blouse in fact belonged to Lauren’s Grandmother!

Lauren’s style has sparked a flame of vintage inspiration and has got me thinking about some of the great vintage resources here in Paris and some of the interesting original classics one can find in the city (styles that are now unavailable).  So tapping into the vintage vibe, I will be sharing some of the unique places where you can find some ‘merveilles’ and pieces that I find over the next few weeks. And more of the rest, of course.

Do you have a favourite Parisien vintage address? If so, I would love to hear about it, please do drop me a note below.

Many thanks to Lauren Kennedy Malpas for pausing from her coffee and scones at Rose Bakery to allow me to snap her fab outfit.


  1. That is so true! Paris is a unique city where you can learn how to mix a good vintage piece with a runway treasure. Just get a cup of coffee at a cafe and watch!!!

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