Still under the Paris rain (it’s non-stop), so therefore remaining with the subject of the Umbrella: the cherry umbrella I bought from Monoprix has given up and despite the cosy romance of the ‘Parisien’ café, ‘rain drops keep falling on my head’. So, in search of some luxe to brighten the mood, I headed to Alexandra Sojfer, a boudoir of parasols, on the Boulevard St Germain. Alexandra’s boutique is exclusively dedicated to the design and production of bespoke hand-made umbrellas and parasols. Alors, if you can’t beat the rain take shelter chez Alexandra Sojfer for ‘Parisien’ parapluie elegance and style.

A look on the bright side – Parasols

The cherry on top

The flower is in the lining

Crocodile, sting ray, cats and dogs. Can you handle it? Or perhaps, just simply wood, silver and gold. What’s unique about Sojfer umbrellas are the frame and fabrics, they are all hand made in Paris (a stone’s throw from the showroom in St Germain). Just have to have that doggie (handle) umbrella in this weather…

Sojfer is a family business, Alexandra’s Grandfather established the business in 1834. Alexandra’s boutique is filled with beautiful parasols, umbrellas, accessories, and she will shortly launch a new line of hand made shoe horns. Umbrellas can also be made to measure and restored.

Style Note: to have one special luxurious accessory that you love, is key to ‘Parisien’ style

 ‘to have a special accessory to love’ (Alexandra Sojfer on Umbrella Chic)


Little Black Book: Umbrellas-Parasols-Accessories. Alexandra Sojfer, 218, Boulevard Saint Germain 75007 Paris

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  1. I’ve walked past this store many times…thank you for sharing these photos…we need some luxury in these rainy greysome days 🙂

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