The launch of Lagerfeld’s ‘KARL’ Collection, this week in St Germain, was not just your average fashion launch…IroniK, ArtistiK, AKcessible…highly digital…highly styliK

A story of fashion royalty in the new digital age. Queen of online luxury retail, CEO of NET-A-PORTER, Natalie Massanet and king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld, joining visionary  forces to launch the first fashion label digitally from the heart of left bank Paris.

Natalie Massanet the inspiring lady responsible for bringing luxury shopping (packaged in beautiful boxes) into our homes arrived on the scene, styled elegantly in a Karlesque ensemble of black and white, pleated leather skirt and black ankle boots. Natalie, looked dazzling in the electric St Germain atmosphere. If you looked closely you could almost catch a twinkle in her eye that said: my dream is about to unfold…(I wonder back in the early start-up days did she dream about an event like this?)

‘I can’t believe this is finally happening’ (Natalie Massanet)


16.30 on the dot, Lagerfeld arrived with entourage. The emotion was palpable. Sharply dressed in an elegant black military coat Lagerfeld looked very much a royal superstar. Almost like he stepped  out of Versailles not a left bank residence. A royal look of rock ‘n’ roll – a fashion legend and distinguished innovator -Ding Dong…Le Roi is here!

“I think he’s the most versatile yet creative genius we have. That and his wonderful sense of humour- I’m a huge fan” (Garance Doré)

Embracing technology and fashion now

Lagerfeld has been dreaming about his ‘mastige’ collection for a while; now he takes a new a road in fashion which he describes as ‘ the road of modernity’. Using her iPad Natalie Massanet, scanned a graphic silhouette of Karl which had been carefully glazed on to the cube (before they arrived). The KARL collection went live globally from a glass cube in St Germain Square with fashion pioneer Natalie Massanet at the forefront!

“Fashion history is being made today” (Natalie Massanet)

The KARL Collection

Interesting and fun… inspired from the graphic shapes synonymous with Lagerfeld’s own style. This collection is all about Karl in a fun, ironic way.  And it wouldn’t be a Lagerfeld affair without five super-styled super-models to showcase the Karlesque styles. Boulevard St Germain the perfect left bank catwalk…

Quirky accessories are sure to add some Karl magic to a fun cocktail evening. A fun self-ironic message sums up the essence of KARL written on detachable leather collars.

“I only wear the latest thing, it’s my job’ (Karl Lagerfeld)

  STYLE NOTES: If you are wondering about price?  Fear not. The line is both affordable and luxurious and retains Karl’s  core values of sharp styling and high quality. Colours for this season…Black, white, grey, silver, burgundy and pink. The collection features a complete urban wardrobe for day and evening: Signature staples; crisp white shirts, silky Karl motif t-shirts, le smokings and glitzy slinky pants are sure to add an air of left bank effortlessness to any wardrobe. Ideal for a cafe pause at de flore and inspired pieces for your urban adventures.♥CDC J’adore the no fuss blazers and sequined jackets.

The collection is now available to buy on NET-A-PORTER. In February 2012 KARL will launch his own virtual shop window on www.karl.comMore than a designer, a visionary whose tasteful instincts can anticipate tomorrow’s cultural trends. KARL  will dutifully follow to bring us a chic, unique online fashion experience. As a man who knows chic…(in his ironic way)

“Chic is a kind of Mayonaise; either it tastes or it doesn’t” (Karl Lagerfeld)

I would love to hear what you think of the new KARL collection? Drop a comment below!


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  1. Great photos and I love the energy & enthusiasm in your writing. I think TresorParisien offers a nice blend of sharing cool places to spend time in Paris as well as showcasing inspiring talents in the fashion & design world.Keep up the good work!

  2. It is interesting to see the shift in recent years as high end designers start to target a more mainstream audience, with a distinct but separate line. With this collection for example, Karl Lagerfeld cleverly reaches out to the masses with his pieces far more affordable than usual. It is a much welcome and clever marketing strategy, and one that retains his brand identity without compromising on his identity, as it’s not quite high street just yet ! The collaboration with net-a-porter is brilliant as well, and will undoubtedly be a big success.

  3. Thank you Trésor for this bijou local highlight on Karl Lagerfeld’s fantastic & funky 2012 collection. Karl’s continuing creation & embrace of modernity not only with his ever-on-pulse fashion, but with his touch-of-a button shopping makes this street launch exKciting, ackessible and akcomplished. Hats off to the pony-tailed maestro’s eponymous collection.

  4. A truly exciting piece of press Trésor! Thank you for dispensing such a glimpse into the ever exiting world of Sir Karl and equally to that of Net-A-Porter! Fashion and Technology unite! Merci beaucoup!

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