What is about the allure of the Parisien Café? 

Perhaps it’s the chic romance, the unique atmosphere, the wonderfully dressed waiters and the romance of an era gone by? Or perhaps it’s, the flaky croissants, the buzz of lively discussion, la mode, les chiens, the aroma of cigars? Then there’s the style and the rhythm to consider; un café, un café crème, un express, un double, served in black, in silhouette, a touch of atitiude. Voilà! Le Parisien Café: integral to la vie parisienne, with an intangible allure that will leave you wanting more…

The allure pulled us in and soon an aromatic first morning hit on a café terrace had become the starting point for our urban/TP explorations.  For us there is no better way to spend a Saturday morning than café hopping through the streets of the left bank and beyond.

We appreciate good coffee and are passionate about Parisien café culture. However, we discovered that finding a good satisfying coffee in Paris was challenging. This led us to ask the big bean roasting question: (we dare say it)…can you find good coffee in Paris and where can you find it?

So in response to this bean burner we began a café crawling mission to find great coffee houses serving bon café in Paris. Possible I hear you say? But of course, in fact we discovered a very exciting nouvelle vague emerging on the parisien café scene. Trailblazers and pioneers are changing the paradigm of café culture making it their mission to serve great coffee in hip chic environments – Bravo!


Built on an appetite for croissants and a thirst for good coffee! Dedicated to bringing you the latest express-scoop on the ‘Parisien Café Scene’. Here you will find a collection of our café pause experiences, café guides, inside discoveries and café ratings.

In the spirit of a century old Parisien café, we hope to build a network of café crawlers/lovers, create a virtual café  space to trade ideas and encourage lively discussion, or simply to inspire a good café pause. We would love to hear from you and we welcome feedback that will help build and develop TrésorCafé.

                        Bon Café!


Voilà! A little tasting menu of what’s to follow in TrésorCafé…

♦ Café pause I: Rendez-vous au Café de Flore: to explore the romantic charm of a Century Old Café.

♦ To follow we look at the new emerging coffee scene and hunt down the trailblazers creating a new wave in café and latte art.

♦ We address the big bean – roasting question, can you find good coffee in Paris and where?

♦ Guilty patisserie pleasures, to make life a little sweeter and to accompany a good café pause, check out “Le Gout Gourmandise”, TrésorCafé’s sweet seasonal review.


  1. Hi,

    I have to say, I’m feeling a bit isolated ffrom good coffee already and we’ve only just arrivedin the land of coffee drinkers, USA. However, getting a good cup of coffee over here is as difficult as getting an audience with the Pope.

    Keep the information coming!!

    Arnold & Joanxxx

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